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Improve Your Career Prospects

Train in the USA with the Slovak-American Foundation: Internship. Opportunity. Experience. Career. Prosperity.

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Professional Internship Program

Experience, excitement, and travel.

Slovak-American Foundation | History

Recent Graduate?

Build your resume. Experience American culture. Define your career’s success with the Slovak-American Foundation. All-inclusive scholarship upwards of $30,000 for six month or year-long internships in the U.S.

Slovak-American Foundation | History

Professional Internship Program

More than an internship – a life changing experience.

Slovak-American Foundation | Professional Internship Program

Research Scholar Program:

Conduct SAF- sponsored research projects in the U.S. with grants up to $60,000.

Slovak-American Foundation | Research Scholar Program

U.S. Employers:

SAF interns are leading university graduates, talented, and self motivated. Pay no fee, or salary.

Slovak-American Foundation | U.S. Employers

Students &
Recent Graduates

Set yourself apart with the ultimate internship experience! Work with Americans at an exciting U.S. company in the world’s biggest economy, build your international network, improve your English, and kick-start your career. The dynamic business environment of the U.S. is the ideal place to learn and grow. Live and work in places as diverse as New York City, Washington, D.C., Chicago, or San Diego!

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Academic & Research

Grants and fellowships are available for professors and academic researchers to conduct independent or collaborative research projects in the U.S. on the Research Scholarship Program.

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in the U.S.

Hire an international intern on a volunteer basis—pay no fee or salary and experience another culture by having a highly qualified intern at your company. SAF is a completely free internship placement service with interns that work in an unpaid capacity.

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The Slovak-American Foundation (SAF) allows Slovaks to work in the USA to gain knowledge and international work experience.

Build your resume. Advance your career. Explore the USA. Set yourself apart. All on a full scholarship.